Directionally Challenged?

The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s Ms. Mentor weighs in on the question “Why won’t my students follow directions?”

They Scoff at Your Piddly Rules

In other news, Robyn Foster, a student at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, was arrested for refusing to leave class after being instructed to do so; she allegedly had thrown a water bottle at another student in the room. Another student (who apparently is an intern for a local television station as reported in this HuffPo post) videotaped the event (on an iPhone). For your viewing convenience, I’ve embedded a link:

I found the video through The Chronicle here. The conversations in the commentary on the three linked pages is as popcorn worthy as the video itself.


LiveJournal 101

I could write an entire series of posts explaining how to do all sorts of things in LiveJournal. Thankfully, the community has already done much of the legwork on the basics, so all I need do is point you in the right direction to get some really good help.

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page will tell you how to do just about everything in LiveJournal. Some particular pages of note:

Need to know how to do something else? Check the FAQ page; if you can’t find it there, leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do!