Yesterday I spent $2.99 on a notebook to be used solely for my current Big Research Project (BRP). As I type that, it seems absurd that I spent so much money for what is essentially 80 sheets of recycled paper sewn together between two recycled cardboard covers (I suspect the recycling upped the price a fair bit). I can only say that I felt a strong urge to have a notebook to hand yesterday, as if I were about to erupt with words that urgently needed recording.

The notebook sits in my handbag, blank–but waiting.

After reading Scott McLemee’s piece on The Notebook, I feel a bit more at ease with both this notebook and the growing collection I have of such receptacles, including this blog.

Now to prepare for some oral examinations. Comps are done tomorrow.


What I’m doing tonight

Frontline’s latest documentary, digital_nation: life on the virtual frontier” aired last night on PBS and can be watched online at the previous link. I’ll be watching it this evening/afternoon, and I’m looking forward to exploring the resources at the documentary’s webpage as well. Early responses (linked below) to the piece indicate that there’s an interesting conversation to be had about writing.


Henry Jenkins

Cathy Davidson


Writing Reflection

To my non-student friends: You’re welcome to read this post and comment; I’d love to know how you might answer some of these questions.

To my students: While I won’t be responding to all of the writing assignments I give you, I will try from time to time to do them right alongside you. Tonight’s assignment was one I thought I’d enjoy doing quite a bit.

I find that I was 100% correct with that thinking.