Day 42: Other Beginnings

Writing is never done.

I tell students this constantly, and I encourage them to start the journey early and to keep returning to the well as they work. You’ve got to be willing to challenge everything you think you know at every moment lest you miss out on something that you really don’t know and need to learn.

But, as anyone who’s finished a dissertation will tell you, at some point you have to stop and say “done.” Even if it’s just “done…for now.”

So today I’m supposed to be thinking about what I would have done differently were I beginning this blog today and not in November 2008, and I think that’s a somewhat productive thing to think about. I am not now in February 2014 the same person I was in November 2008, and in the time that this blog was dormant (which is to say most of the time between its inception and the very end of 2013), I was writing in another space as I tried to figure out who, exactly, I was. I suppose that I was preparing to return here, trying to find the courage to just be in this place, to find a way to be more transparent while still maintaining the opacity necessary to negotiate in analog and digital spaces. Today I feel more like a whole person becoming even more whole as each day progresses.

Which is to say: I would change nothing about this blog. Nothing at all. At some point you have to stop and say “done.” Even if it’s just “done…for now.”

and “still doing.”

Writing is never done.

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