Day 40: The Day that Was and Wasn’t

I was supposed to write about Expat Syndrome yesterday, the experience of seeing only the best (or the worst) of your new/old homes. I guess I don’t live that sort of life. Sometimes Louisiana feels like it’s oceans away, and I miss it dreadfully, but I’m not one to romanticize what is. Mississippi, for all its faults, has its beauties too, and I remember distinctly remarking when I first came here in January 2008 that it immediately felt like home.

This is one of those moments where the prompt list I’m using for the month is a bit beyond me. Sure, the feeling of “home” is universal, but I think there’s something much deeper at play when we talk about changing nationalities. I’ve only made small geographic shifts in my life, and while the differences exist, they are so subtle as to sometimes be imperceptible. So that’s that for Day 40.

Still hate the flag I live under, though. That has to change.

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