Day 38: On a Break

I’m supposed to be writing about food today; I had this whole “harder to fill the larder” thing that I was cooking up in my head. Last week I went out into Jackson looking for Savoie’s Roux (not the dry one). I came home empty handed, which was frustrating. Don’t judge me on the roux–I can make my own from scratch if I want/need to, but sometimes you just want to get to the gumbo…

Anyway, I was going to write about that, about how close I am to Louisiana and yet how very far away I feel–from the foods, the smells, the sights, and, most importantly, the people I love and care for. The prompt was meant for expats who have traveled a far greater distance than I, but not being in the place you call home is…well, not being there.

and that’s what I have to say about that.

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