Day 26: Fun Stuff!

I’ve been in training…

For the last several years I have joined forces with knitters worldwide to compete in what has now become known as the Ravellenic Games. From the opening ceremony to the close, I diligently work alongside my teammates (I always knit for Team TARDIS) to complete whatever challenge I’ve set for myself. For the London Summer Games in 2012, I knit something like 8 different projects; it was summer, and I was taking a weeklong trip with my mom for part of it which gave me ample time to knit. This time I’ve got to be a bit less ambitious.


This stack of yarn is scheduled to become a blanket–for laps or babies (or babies in laps–I really can’t decide!). It’s knit in easy peasy garter stitch, my favorite bit of knitting for those moments when I just need to unwind or think or remember to breathe.


This stack will be a scarf. I needed to do SOMETHING challenging, and the scarf that I have in mind is a double-knit pattern with a fairly simple repeat, but lots of color interest.

And, yes, I’m interested in the colors, because what isn’t fun is watching athletes travel to compete in their sports knowing that they or their teammates, family members, loved ones, and friends might be in grave danger just for being who they are. I often find myself in a meditative state when I’m knitting. This year, I’ll be actively praying as I work through the colors, praying for peace and understanding, for love.

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