Day 11: (on not) looking down

I’m in the Apple Store. The Jam’s “Start” is faint in the background, but it makes me smile. Very Apple.

I’m waiting for my appointment at the Genius Bar. Steve and I bought new phones last month, and mine has this weird intermittent pop in the screen near the volume buttons. This is what I will tell the technician because the pop isn’t making an appearance this morning. This is the way of technology in the face of immediate tech support. “No, really, I’m fine!”

There are several people ahead of me. The nice young man doing triage is so patient. “Well, ma’am, I’m sorry to tell you that this phone is no longer under warranty,” so we can’t do the fix for free because you let your relative “fix” your broken screen. “Have you backed it up?” because what I’m about to do to your phone to fix it is a little trick I like to call Scorched Earth. There are lessons–for owners and their friends/lovers/spouses about their devices. A couple with a small child give up their spot in the queue because wee one’s needs trump mommy’s every time.

I don’t hate coming to this place. It’s clean and well-lit. The folks are courteous and patient. To be honest, watching this young man listen to the issues and try to untangle the problems gives me some for food thought about how we deal with each other in this world. Patience. Dialogue. Listening. Explaining. Teaching.

“And what you give is what you get.”

It must be the start of a new semester. I’m seeing lessons everywhere.

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