A Project

In preparation for the Spring 2014 version of my new media writing/rhetoric class, I’ve been thinking about the “big project,” and my thinking has taken me to a project I myself will need to undertake first: practicing digital journalism.

The rough outline of the assignment is for students to select a story to follow/develop and then to work through a series of exercises designed to build their digital skills while they explore that story. So I’m going to do the thing. I need, of course, a story to follow…

Any thoughts?

1 thought on “A Project”

  1. You might consider any story that gets big coverage initially then drops off. I’m thinking especially of stories where major corrections have been issued (like Benghazi) but that the media seems to neglect after the first splashy headlines. I just posted something yesterday about a philosophy prof who resigned over a quasi-sexual relationship with a grad student. Katie Roiphe followed up on found big omissions in earlier reporting. Also, the Maryville rape and alleged cover up, a la Steubenville, might be worth paying attention to, especially the role social media and hackers have played.

    By the way, remind me which conference at UGA you suggested we submit a proposal for.

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