. . . and again

I’ve not had a truly public blog for a couple of years now. When we moved to Jackson, something in me wanted safe spaces for writing and thinking. My old blog was primarily focused on my knitting; this one will just have to feel its way to being.

It’s strange to be in a fresh new space. I’ve got to put some paint up on the walls and hang photos, maybe get a comfy chair.

8 thoughts on “. . . and again”

  1. Can I get your pattern for double zigzag with moss in between? I bookmarked your other webpage, but didn’t copy the information, and now I see that website is down. Thanks.

  2. Hi Anita,

    Was your knitting blog anitaderouen.net? If so, is it no longer available? I had bookmarked a wonderful post “KnitPurl Combinations Knitting Patterns” and can no longer access it.


    1. Catalina,

      That was me; the blog is pretty much defunct right now, but I may be able to help you out with the pattern if you’re still interested. Are you on ravelry?


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